Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Aiden: a birth story

I know this is about 8 months late, but I wanted to get it all written out before I forget any little detail...if that's even possible. So, here it is....
On May 28th, 2011 I decided to go to the Orange County swap meet with my mom. I figured the walking around could do me some good. I was HUGE and uncomfortable, so really I'd try anything at that point. I was only 38 weeks, but I couldn't imagine two more weeks of being pregnant. Since about 37 weeks I had a gut feeling I wasn't going to make it to 40 weeks. This was probably the beginning of my mother's intuition!
After our long walk at the swap meet I went home to rest before Chase got off work and we had a birthday party to go to. I took a little nap and when I woke up I started to get ready. I showered and started doing my hair and makeup... This is when I started to feel a little weird. I had this strange feeling in my lower abdomen. It wasn't pain, but definitely not normal. I just assumed it was the baby moving around, so I kept getting ready. At one point it got so uncomfortable and I had an unstoppable urge to squat down. I called Chase and told him I felt funny, but that it was most likely just some practice contractions. Well, these "practice contractions" were getting more painful and harder to ignore. I got on the trusty exercise ball and began doing all the moves I learned to ease the discomfort of pregnancy and labor. Chase walked in from work to see me on all fours swaying back and forth. What can I say, it really does help!!! I was all done up to go to the party, but Chase suggested maybe we shouldn't go. I was all ready...we were going to the party! Plus, I was convinced I wasn't in real labor.
We arrived at the party and I had some trouble just walking in. The contractions were getting stronger and closer together, but I still wasn't SURE it was labor. It got to the point where I had to lean on Chase every few minutes just to get through it, so we decided to call the hospital and see what they said. The nurse told me that it could be labor but since it was my first baby I didn't need to rush to the hospital because it would probably take awhile. Chase and I walked...slowly... Around the building where the party was before I decided it was hospital time!
There is one word to describe the ride to the hospital...silence. Well, on my part at least. I didn't say a word and my eyes were closed the entire way. I was so focused!
Once we go to the hospital the hooked me up to see how consistent my contractions were and then they checked to see how dilated I was. Contractions were intense at this point and I was 5 centimeters dilated. They admitted me and sent me up to labor and delivery. Wow! Was I really going to have this baby?! To be honest I didn't have time to be nervous or scared because I was so focused on getting through each contraction. I maybe said a handful of words the whole time I was in labor and I barely opened my eyes. I was seriously in the zone! About two hours passed by and I kept asking "when are they going to check me again?" they weren't going to check until my water broke, which se said could be HOURS away!!! Could I make it a few more hours? Going into it I didn't want any pain meds or epidural, buy could I do it without? I began to consider it. The midwife told me to think about it and let them know...right then I said a prayer and no joke, instantly my water broke! Water seemed to go everywhere and the midwife was right back in to check me. I was 9.5cm!!!! This was it!
I pushed for what seemed like forever, but was really only about 15 minutes. I remember saying "I can't do it!" and the midwife said "you're doing it, open your eyes, look!" I opened my eyes to see my baby boys amazing face! She held him up and aces him on my chest. I have never been happier in my life! All the pain instantly went away and all I cared about was my baby! He was perfect! Chase and I cried as we held our baby for the first time. I was truly blessed with an incredible family!!!
Aiden Chase Christensen was born on May, 29th 2011 at 1:43 am. He was 19.5 inches and weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces.
Despite the pain of natural child birth, it was the most incredible, rewarding experience of my life!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

My birthday

My 24th birthday was on Thursday. I really had an amazing birthDAY... Actually I should say DAYS!!! On Thursday Chase, Aiden and I went to lunch at Slater's 50/50. It's a burger place that we had heard many good things about so we decided to try it out. They have so many unique burgers so we decided to order two different ones and split them. A huge perk of being married!!! We tried the original burger which has an egg on it and we tried the "flamin hot" burger which has jalapenos, green chilis, and ghost chilis in it!!!! The burgers were great! ( I'd say the flamin hot was the winner). But, the best part of lunch were the dill pickle chips!
Chase had to go to school that night, so my friends Shawna took me to dinner. It was just the two of us, no kids!!! I don't know how we got away with that but it was so fun and a much needed little break for us two. It was nice to just talk and eat without having to take care of our kids. There were several times throughout the night that we felt like we were missing/forgetting something lol! I'm so grateful for Shawna! She is an awesome friend :)
My birthday continued on Friday, first with lunch at Alicia's with Chase's Nana and sisters. I am so happy we all got to go to lunch together. Then, we went to dinner with my family at cheesecake factory! I love love love cheesecake so I had to get some on my birthday.
I'm so blessed to have so many people to celebrate with on my birthday! After it was all over I stopped and just thought about how grateful I am to have each and every person in my life. I have a loving husband, incredible son, a caring mom, amazing extended family, great friends and I'm even lucky enough to have an awesome in-law family! Yes, the food and birthday gifts were great, but the best part of my birthday was being surrounded by love!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bananas over Yonanas!

Anyone heard about Yonanas? If you haven't you're missing out. So, I was watching Dr. Oz a while back ( yes, I watch Dr.Oz from time to time) and it was an episode about weight loss tips. Since I gained some unwanted weight while I was pregnant...and haven't lost it all yet, I tuned into the show. Some lady had lost a ton of weight and one thing she swore by was the Yonanas. What the heck is that, right? It is genius! It is a contraption that turns frozen bananas and other frozen fruit into ice cream!
I absolutely LOVE ice cream, but ice cream equals fat and I have more than enough of that. So, for Christmas I asked for this magical Yonanas machine and my lovely mother got it for me :). I was a bit skeptical on how good it would be but I am now in love! Even Chase liked it! Somehow it turns the frozen fruit into creamy ice cream consistency without all the fat. Just put the fruit in and out comes a frozen treat!!
I am excited that I can even make it for Aiden! I am going to get lots of good use out of this Christmas present :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My baby doesn't want to be a baby :(

Aiden just turned 7 months old a few days ago, but I swear he wishes he was 7 YEARS old. Ever since he was born he has wanted to move... I thought once he learns how to roll over he'll be happy-nope! Then I thought, when he can crawl he will be happy....still no! So, now he is standing up on everything and trying to walk but he hasn't mastered that yet, which means he is still not satisfied! I definitely have a mover on my hands :) He keeps me running around all over the place but at least he always has a smile on his face. That darn smile makes it impossible to stay upset at anything!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Finally blogging!

Well, I have been saying I am going to start a blog since we got married...that was almost two years ago and I'm just starting now, but it's better late than never!
I guess I have a little bit of back tracking to do before I start on the day to day stuff. So here is a little bit about our family.
The Christensen Clan includes my husband Chase, our son Aiden and me (Desi). Chase and I met while we worked at a hotel by Disneyland a few years ago. We were instantly friends and then decided to finally give in and start dating since everyone knew we were perfect for each other! On March 27th, 2010 we tied the knot!!!!

About 6 months later we found out we were expecting our first baby (we don't like to waste any time!) :) Aiden was born on May 29th, 2011 and is the perfect addition to our little family! He is a super happy baby and is definitely a strong spirit. He hasn't stopped moving since the day he was born and he is in a hurry to grow up and run around with his older cousins!

Chase is working at AT&T while he finishes his degree in electrical engineering at Cal Poly Pomona. Hopefully he finishes soon so Aiden and I can spend more time with him!
I graduated from Cal State Fullerton a year ago and now I have the best job ever! I get to stay home with Aiden and watch him grow up, which is happening way too fast if you ask me!

Ok, so there is just some history to get this blog started. I plan on keeping this thing pretty up to date... But PLAN is the key word :)